20 pics to make you wish you were heli-skiing Alaska

20 pics to make you wish you were heli-skiing Alaska

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Henry Munter, Matador Ambassador and lead guide for Chugach Powder Guides out of Girdwood, AK, is gearing up for the heli season with his team. After a slow start to the winter, February delivered the goods in a series of cold storms that buried the low-elevation trees. With a stout base and the days getting longer, it looks like a another solid season is underway.


This is Prince William Sound

...lit up by the low sun on a January afternoon. Just to the east of Girdwood, the islands of the sound act as the only breakup to most of the strong Pacific storms that roll up the Gulf of Alaska.



...a return guest at CPG, is up to his pits in Winner Creek, heli-ski terrain in our backyard above Girdwood.


On a brilliant sunny day

...a week ago, we flew south and found twice as much snow as we recorded to the north in Girdwood. Not an uncommon surprise in Alaska.


In February

...we’re still skiing in the sun, as it doesn’t have enough energy yet to cook the snow. You can even point your camera lens right into it.


I’m a skier

...and always have been, but shots like this have made me want to learn to snowboard.


There’s something irresistible

...about the interaction of the sun and the clouds in the Alaska midwinter sky.


CPG guide Rich Peterson

...opening it up in some cruiser powder.


We know we’re not Canada

...but we try to imitate it sometimes. It’s not always good riding below treeline in Alaska, where the green trees seldom grow above 2000’. But when it’s good, it’s good.


The ramps

...in Small’s Wall, losing light fast with the approach of a new storm.



...and the Turnagain Arm, watching the afternoon clearing and hoping for a whole day of blue sky.


A little blue hole

...let us ski this beauty after a long day of riding the trees in cloudy conditions, allowing us to soak up a few precious minutes of sun before heading in.



...a long-time guest at CPG, airing out Winner Creek pillows during week 1.


An areal view

...of the snowcats, skiers about to drop in.



...airing it out over Winner Creek.


The powder skiing is good

...but the view is often better.


Returning for another group in Bench


Powder skiing is fun

Ken on the Camel’s Back.


Afternoon cruising

...without a cloud in sight -- classic Alaska bluebird.


Deep on Stolen Shoulder

This is one of my favorite sights, looking back up the hill, snow flying. About to go do it again.

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